Royale (Maximum 250 guests)

Vessel Specifications:

  • Charter Capacity: 200 passengers
  • Transport Capacity: 250 passengers
  • Peripheral Seating: 186 passengers

Royale has a large open area on the main deck, which can be easily adapted to your requirements. Thinking of a onboard ceremony, a floating concert or dance party? This is the vessel for you.


Royale was built for Charles Rosman and launched in 1974. From time to time over many years Rosman Cruises have been called on to support Sydney Ferries and for a variety of reasons, Royale was always favoured by passengers and crew alike for those duties.


  • Two-storey Ferry
  • Fully Licensed Bar
  • BYO available (surcharge applies)
  • Spacious Main Deck
  • Bench Seating (upstairs)
  • Male / Female Restrooms
  • Outdoor Front (downstairs) and Rear (upstairs) Decks
  • Ipod Connectivity


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