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Rosman ferry Anja and Paul wedding on to Proclaim

Ever thought of being married by a ship’s master? Or maybe you are just looking for a unique ceremony venue? What about a ‘wet-weather’ option for an outdoor ceremony?

Rosman Cruises can give you all three! Our three larger vessels (Radar, Royale and Proclaim) have all held ceremonies onboard and can provide an original and personal alternative to other venues.

However it is undoubtedly our crew which will make your onboard ceremony unforgettable. Their experience and knowledge has meant that they can show you to a quiet bay area while the ceremony takes place. Speak to our representatives about a schedule which collects the bridal party separate from your guests in an area perfect your ceremony.

If you are interested in an outdoor wedding, our representatives can suggest a variety of waterfront park areas suitable for Wedding Ceremonies. Let our vessels transport your group and decide on the day if you would prefer your ‘fine weather’ schedule and an outdoor ceremony or your ‘wet weather’ schedule with your ceremony onboard. Plan your outdoor ceremony and feel secure in knowing that if Mother Nature does not pull through – Rosman Cruises will!

If your special day means being married by a ship’s master please speak to Russell Hansen, an experienced Civil Marriage Celebrant and Master Mariner. Phone: 0414 251 626   Email: russell@russellhansen.com.au



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