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Lessons Afloat makes learning fun

by Rosman Cruises | October 23, 2018

“Where did all this water come from?” That was just one of the unexpected questions that came from the Year 3 and 4 children who enjoyed their “Lessons Afloat” excursion with Rosman Cruises this week.

For many of the 36 students from their school in the Mcarthur Region, this was their first time on Sydney Harbour and the excitement was infectious. After more than two hours in a bus they were all impatient to come aboard the waiting Rosman ferry and begin their adventure trip around one of the world’s most beautiful waterways.

Knowing that the excursion would be part history lesson and part introduction to Australia’s maritime heritage, the teachers had thoughtfully prepared the students with classroom units on First Contact. Now, each with their complimentary map of Sydney Harbour to follow, the children could turn those lessons into a priceless eyewitness experience.

From the unique “up close and personal” perspectives only possible from the water, the kids first saw the full-size replica of James Cook’s 1770 ship the Endeavour and the mighty square-rigger James Craig.

Then, after passing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, they pressed on to historic Shark Island. There, the Rosman vessels are allowed privileged access to the wharf where “Lessons Afloat” groups and their teachers can go ashore for a brief exploration.

On the return journey the children passed close to the grand Sydney residences of the Prime Minister and Governor General. The Rosman tour guide, who provides running commentary for every “Lessons Afloat” outing, was kept busy providing detail and answering questions.

So where did all that water come from? An explanation that Sydney Harbour is an arm of the sea and not a river seemed to satisfy at least one little enquiring mind.

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