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Rosman goes Hollywood

by Rosman Cruises | October 2, 2018

ROSMAN CRUISES, the most distinctive charter vessels on Sydney Harbour, have recently taken starring roles in two prestige film and television productions.

The producers of the hit Channel Ten reality TV series The Bachelor chose an exclusive harbour cruise aboard the Rosman ferry Royale as the romantic location for a recent episode. 

The beautiful heritage ferry served as a unique setting for The Bachelor action while Sydney Harbour provided its endless supply of stunning views as the backdrop.

The sequence took four hours to film and featured former Wallaby rugby star Nic Cummings (aka ‘The Honeybadger’) enjoying a date with one of the show’s contestants, Brittany. The cast and crew quickly entered into the fun of life afloat. Cummings was even keen to help with steering the boat and throwing the dock lines when filming finished and the ferry returned to shore at the end of the day.

After the episode aired on Ten, the staff at Rosman Cruises reported a surge in enquiries from individuals and companies keen to charter one of their ferries for a similar cruise.

There was filming afloat of a more serious kind when the cast and crew of the Australian cinema feature Ladies in Black took over the classic ferry Proclaim.

Set in the late 1950s and early 60s, the script of Ladies in Black called for the actors to be shown travelling across the Harbour to their jobs as sales assistants in a city department store.

The producers chose the Proclaim because she is an elegant wooden ferry of the period and perfect for the role. Built in 1939 she has been in continuous service ever since, carrying up to 220 passengers at a time.

Proclaim is now a popular choice for charters and is particularly favoured for weddings and major corporate events. 

Ladies in Black, starring the belle of the Rosman Cruises fleet, was released nationally on Thursday 20 September.

Ladies in Black image courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing


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