Lithgow (Maximum 60 guests)

Vessel Specifications

  • Charter Capacity: 40 passengers
  • Transport Capacity: 60 passengers
  • Peripheral Seating: 35 passengers

Cruising on Lithgow offers a greater level of intimacy and cosy atmosphere. Our smallest ship, it is very popular for school excursions and transportation but it can also be a perfect venue to celebrate with a small group of friends and family.


Built in 1927, Lithgow is the smallest and oldest in the Rosman fleet. During World War II it is understood Lithgow was used to tow the military 45 foot tug boat hulls built in the area out of Brisbane Waters before another tow took over for the sea voyage to Sydney for fit out. Lithgow has carried the Australian of the Year into Darling Harbour for many years including 2013


  • Single Deck Ferry
  • BYO only
  • Spacious Main Deck
  • Male / Female Restrooms
  • Outdoor Front Deck
  • Ipod Dock
  • No power onboard



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